The Disrupter

AKIPS is disrupting the Network Performance Monitoring arena

  • Enterprise Scale Software
  • Low cost Annual Subscription
  • Unlimited Licensing Model
  • Installs as a Software Appliance
  • Massive Scalability from a Single VM
  • Extensive Vendor Support
  • Ultra Fast Reporting

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    WebEX Training Sessions

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  • Introductory
  • Getting started with your evaluation
  • Coniguration for Proactive Alerting & Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting

    Suite of Tools

  • Availability
  • Ping / SNMP Monitoring
  • Netflow
  • Syslog
  • SNMP Traps
  • Alerting
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Forwarding / Fanout - Netflow / Syslog / Traps
  • Infrastructure Usage
  • MAC / IP Address Locator
  • Site Specific Integration
  • Auto Discovery and Grouping

    Our Product Concept

  • Integrated suite of monitoring tools for solving today’s problems
  • Deliver a practical and scalable solution in a cost effective way
  • Perform the heavy lifting of data collection and reporting
  • Navigate through data instead of complex queries

What it does

  • Performance Monitor
  • Alert Generator
  • Event and Log Collector
  • Flow Collector

What it does NOT do

  • Manager of Managers
  • Alert Manager
  • Event Correlator
  • Application Monitor

    Unlimited Licensing

No built in limitations for number of

  • Users / Seats
  • Devices
  • Interfaces
  • MIB Objects
  • Flow Packets / Records / Interfaces
  • Syslog Messages
  • SNMP Traps
  • Database Size

"Unlimited" means a typical large enterprise network will not experience any software-imposed or performance limitations.

    Free Trial

  • Download, install in a VM, and evaluate - for free
  • From download to entire network discovery and reporting in under an hour
  • Request a trial evaluation key for 100% functionality, without limitations
  • Trial on your network to demonstrate software value
  • Complimentary introductory training

    Our Sales Model

  • NO high powered sales people
  • Customer centric with a focus on product training
  • Free trial – Evaluate software on your network
  • Training webinars included – from trial to production and beyond
  • Subscribe when you’re ready
  • Easy annual renewals


  • Low cost annual subscription
  • No tiered pricing increases as your network grows
  • Engineered to perform in a VM
  • No additional hardware required
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • All inclusive -
    • Operating System
    • Security Updates
    • Product Enhancements
    • Training
    • Educational discount for Colleges and Universities