Product Comparison - AKIPS vs Statseeker®

AKIPS v18.x Statseeker v5.0
Package Model All Inclusive Tiered Features
Pricing Annual Subscription Perpetual + Annual Maintenance
Licensing Restrictions Unlimited Per Device/Interface/Feature
Addition OID Packages All Inclusive Limited - Additional Cost
Tech Support Cases Unlimited Tiered
     Base - 5 annual support cases
     Professional - 10 annual support cases
     Enterprise - 10 annual support cases

Structure Australian Pty Ltd Australian Pty Ltd
Owners Founders
     Privately Owned
     Self Funded
Private & Publicly Owned
     NBC Capital (Google)
     Techniche Pty Ltd (ASX TCN)
C-Level Qualifications
and Experience
Intrastructure & Network Engineering
     Digital Electronics & Communications
     All aspects of computer hardware
     Software Engineering
     Sales & Marketing
     Full company life cycle - Startup to Exit
     Finance & Venture Capital
     No IT Qualifications/Experience
Industry Experience Founder/Director/CTO/Creator
     of Statseeker 1996 to late 2010

Software Releases
Release Cycle 2 to 4 weeks Annual
Release History Complete Unknown
Known Software Defects Zero Unknown

Platform Support
VMware Recommended Requires DAS storage
DAS Storage
SAN Storage
NAS Storage
RAID 5/6
CPU Hyperthreading
HP iLO / Dell iDRAC

Operating System
OS Security Updates Within 1 week Rare / Never
File Systems UFS2 Dual Root / ZFS Data/Snapshots UFS2

Databases Custom - No SQL SQLite & Custom

Ping Support
RTT Resolution MicroSeconds MilliSeconds
IPv4 Lost
IPv4 Duplicate
IPv4 Discovery
IPv6 Lost
IPv6 Duplicate
IPv6 Discovery

Ping Poller
Scale 10,000+ / sec Unknown / Limited
Interval 15 seconds 15 seconds
Microsecond Measurements
Rate Limit 100ms time slots
Direct Database Insertion
Interlaced Requests
Performance Statistics Graphs and logs

SNMP Support
SNMPv1 Auto Discovery
SNMPv2 Auto Discovery
SNMPv3 Auto Discovery Manual CSV seed files !!
SNMPv3 MD5 Authentication
SNMPv3 SHA Authentication
SNMPv3 DES Encryption ???
SNMPv3 Triple DES Encryption ???
SNMPv3 AES128 Encryption
SNMPv3 AES192 Encryption
SNMPv3 AES256 Encryption
SNMPv1 Traps (SMIv1) Deprecated 20 years ago
SNMPv2 Traps (SMIv2)
SNMPv3 Traps
SNMPv3 Scalability

SNMP Poller
Scale (MIB Objects/Min) 20 million+ Limited
Polling Interval 60 sec Mostly 300sec, some 60sec
Adaptive Polling
Adaptive Interface Polling
Direct Database Insertion
Rate Spread Limit 100ms time slots Unknown
Interlaced Requests
Inflight Request Window Tuning Per Device (Default 1)
Performance Statistics Graphs and Logs

MIB Support
MAC Address Decoding Native
IPv6 Address Decoding Native and Vendor Specific
Compiled MIBs 4514 Limited
Compiled MIB Objects 524255 Limited

SNMP Traps
Full MIB Object Decoding
SNMPv3 Auth/Priv
Burst Rate ~5000 traps/sec Limited
Continuous Rate ~300 traps/sec Limited
Fanout / Forwarding Up to 10 destinations
Reporting Tool
Interactive Time-series Graphing
Top Talkers Per device
IPv4 / IPv6 Filtering
Reporting Mute Filter
Alerting Unknown
Command Line Tool

Burst Rate ~5000 per sec Unknown
Continuous Rate ~300 per sec Unknown
Fanout / Forwarding Up to 10 destinations
Accept all syslog Configured devices only
Reporting Tool
Regex Filtering
IPv4 / IPv6 Filtering
Top Talkers Per device
Message Mute Filter
Message Regex Trimming
Group Filtering
Interactive Time-series Graphing
Alerting Limited
Command Line Tool

Zero Configuration
Scale 5000+ exporters < 100 exporters
Performance Flow/Sec 1 million+ per sec Limited
UDP - Unreliable Transport
SCTP - Reliable Transport
Fanout / Forwarding Up to 10 destinations
Netflow V5
Netflow V9
sFlow Useless Technology Claimed - Unproven
Configurable History Per Exporter Global
Configurable Protocols Limited Capabilities
Top Talkers
Top Listeners
Top Conversations
Top Protocols
Top Flows
IPv4 address filtering
IPv6 address filtering
Time-series Graphing
Top N Bar Graphs
Tabular Output
Unknown Protocols Report
Disk Usage Report
Exporter Report
Exporter Statistics Report
Flow Cache Report
User Access Control
Command Line Tool

Interactive SVG Graphs Legacy static PNG images
Zoom In / Out
Smoothing / Averaging Controls
Previous / Next /Refresh Controls
LastN Controls
Availability Graphs
Outage Graphs
Bar Graphs
Strip Graphs
Day / Week / Month / Year Graphs
Calendar Format Graphs
Auto Scaling
Width / Height Scaling
Consistent Throughout Product

Device Reporter
Reporting Tool
Vendor Specific Reports ~900 Very Limited

Interface Reporter
Reporting Tool
Octets 1 min 1 min
Packets 1 min 5 min
Broadcast 1 min 5 min (default off ??)
Multicast 1 min 5 min (default off ??)
Errors 1 min 5 min
Discards 1 min 5 min
Pause Frames 1 min
ifOperStatus 1 min default off ??
Duplex Unknown

95th Percentile Reporter
Reporting Tool
Start/End Billing Date Ranges
Sum and Tx/Rx Max Algorithms
Tabular Stats for Billing Verification
Line on Interface Graphs Not Useful Useless

Unused Interfaces
Reporting Tool
Configurable Time Range 1 to 180 days Fixed 90 days only
Summary Report
Interface Last Used Timestamp
Associated VLAN Name

Switch Port Mapper
Reporting Tool
Settings Controls
Ping Scan Ranges
MAC Vendor Name
IPv4 Address
IPv6 Address
ARP Table
VLAN to Interface Table
Associated VLAN Names
Historic Reporting
Address Search Locator Unknown

Availability Reporting
Reporting Tool
IPv4 Ping Reachability
IPv6 Ping Reachability
SNMP Reachability
Interface State Limited
Outage graphs
Matched Up/Down Tables
Variable Time Periods

Status Reporter
Reporting Tool
Status Sensors 200+ N/A
Exception Summary N/A
All Statuses Summary N/A
Time-series Graphs N/A

Event Reporter
Reporting Tool
Reporting on all enumerations
TimeTick Reset Events
Critical Event Tagging
Interactive Time-series Graphing
Tabular Reports
Summary Report
Group Filtering
Object Type Filtering

Dashboards (out of the box)
Single Device Dashboard
Single Interface Dashboard
Events Dashboard
Netflow Dashboard
Custom Dashboard In Design Stage Not Useful

Web APIs
Output Formats CSV/Space/NL delimited JSON - requires processing
Device Configuration Read/Write, Space delimited Read only, JSON
Time-series CSV JSON
Events CSV
Switch Port Mapper CSV
Unused Interfaces CSV
Netflow CSV
Syslog Newline delimited
Traps Newline delimited
Site Scripting Customer defined output

Web Utility Tools
Ping IPv4
Ping IPv6
Traceroute IPv4
Traceroute IPv6
Packet Capture
Regex Checker

Incremental Backups
Interval Every 80 minutes Once a day ??
Transfer Methods SSH, SCP, SFTP FTP, SCP, Local
Filesystem Snapshots ZFS
SSH Compression Configurable

Single Click Fast Restore
Remote Data Center
High Availability Master/Slave in same rack & Subnet !!

Grouping / Profiles / Users
Device Groups
Interface Groups
Netflow Groups
Attribute Groups
Super Groups
Profile Groups
Auto Grouping Limited
Manual Grouping

Site Scripting / Integration
Post Discover Scripting
Post Auto Grouping Scripting
Scheduled Scripting 1min, 5min, 1hour & 1day
Custom Scripting
Alert Scripting

Miscellaneous Settings / Features
Availability Target Settings
Private AS Number Definitions
PDF Export
Scheduled Reports
Service Fanout/Forwarding
Persistent CGI Technology
Direct Database Insertion

Internal Performance Metrics/Graphs
CPU Load
Process Count/Forks/Activity
Process Context Switches
System Interrupts
Memory Usage
File System Stats
Disk Activity/Read/Write/Latency
Ping / SNMP Poller Stats
Netflow Stats
Syslog Stats
SNMP Trap Stats
Database Performance

Vendor Technologies (out of the box)
A10 Networks ®
Aerohive ®
Alcatel ® Limited
APC ® Limited
Arista Networks ®
Aruba Networks ®
AudioCodes ®
Avaya ®
Bluecat ®
Bluecoat ®
BridgeWave ®
Brocade (Foundry) ® Limited
Cabletron ®
Check Point ®
Ciena ®
Cisco ® Very Limited
Citrix ®
Dell ®
Eaton ®
Efficient IP ®
Extreme / Enterasys Network ®
F5 Networks ®
Fireeye ®
ForeScout ®
Fortinet ®
Geist ®
Gigamon ®
Haivision ®
H3C Technologies ®
HP ® Limited
Huawei ®
Infoblox ®
Ingate ®
Ingrasys ®
Ixia ®
Juniper Networks ® Limited
Juniper Netscreen ® Limited
Juniper Trapeze ®
Liebert ®
McAfee ®
Meru ®
Midspan ®
PacketLight ®
Palo Alto Networks ®
Radware ®
Riverbed ®
RLE Technologies ®
SafeNet ®
Server Technologies ®
Tripp Lite ®
Ubiquiti Networks ®