Scalable SNMP Polling

One of the major challenges when building a modern network monitoring system is the need to constantly collect vast amounts of SNMP data for statistical and alerting purposes. A scalable SNMP poller is one of the key requirements for a monitoring system to be successful.

MAC, IP, VLAN and Switch Interface Mapping

Mapping MAC, IP, VLAN and Switch Interfaces is critical information for network managers.

Forwarding of NetFlow, Syslog and SNMP Traps

Many network devices limit the number of destinations that they can send NetFlow, Syslog or SNMP Traps to, typically due to hardware or software resource limitations. This can be a big problem for many network administrators because they usually need to send the same data to multiple network management platforms.

Virtual Machine and Hardware Deployment

CPU, memory and storage recommendations for deploying AKIPS.

Deploying SNMPv3

Deploying SNMPv3 is not difficult, but that’s exactly what vendors want you to think. SNMPv3 has been an official standard since 1998, so why has its deployment been so slow? Most network monitoring and management vendors rely on legacy SNMP software which has only partially implemented SNMPv3.