AKIPS Network Monitor - Customer Evaluation Process

The full value of AKIPS Network Monitor can only been realised once it has been fully deployed and configured. Once this has been achieved, you will quickly see the benefits of the functionality provided by AKIPS, and the total cost of deployment versus other products you may have deployed.

Proof-Of-Concept Cost

There is no cost for deploying AKIPS during your proof-of-concept evaluation stage. We provide you with a free evaluation licence key. All you need to provide is the necessary on premise computing resources (e.g. spin up a virtual machine with the appropriate CPU/RAM/storage specs), then download our install ISO and perform the installation.

Our Process:

During your evaluation, all presentation and training sessions are provided via WebEx.

  1. Overview Presentation
    • Company
    • Product
    • Support

  2. Product Training
    • Network Discovery
    • Reporting Overview
    • Grouping
    • Availability Reporting
    • Status Alerting
    • Threshold Alerting
    • Syslog/Trap Alerting
    • Introduction to the API capabilities

  3. Installation & Configuration

    • Discover your entire network
    • Configure grouping
    • Configure alerting (syslog, traps, status & thresholds)
    • Configure your devices to send the following to AKIPS:
      • Syslog
      • SNMP Traps
      • NetFlow
    • Set up user profiles
    • Set up scheduled reports
    • Explore all the administration and reporting functionality

  4. Quote, Invoice & Purchasing
    1. Quote is issued on request from customer.
    2. Customer sends a purchase order referencing the quote number.
    3. AKIPS generates an invoice referencing the PO number.
    4. AKIPS generates a payment pending licence key so the customer can continue to utilise the software in their production environment.
    5. Once payment is received, AKIPS issues the full annual licence key.

Technical Support

AKIPS provides technical support directly to the end customer. This support includes:
  • Answering all product related questions
  • Product enhancement requests
  • Regular product updates
  • Security updates for the operating system
  • Assist customers with site scripting

Please direct all product related technical questions and issues to support@akips.com

NOTE: AKIPS does not provide consulting services on how to address network issues that our software has highlighted.

About AKIPS Pty Ltd

AKIPS is the sole creator and distributor of AKIPS Network Monitor.

About Klarity Monitoring Pty Ltd

AKIPS contracts Klarity exclusively to provide free product training during your proof-of-concept evaluation and deployment.

Many AKIPS customers optionally take up additional Klarity consulting services related to configuring and using AKIPS Network Monitor within their environment.

Note: Klarity Monitoring Pty Ltd is a completely separate company/entity to AKIPS. Additional consulting services provided by Klarity are charged directly by them.