CEO end-of-year wrap up

December 2020

Dear Customer

It’s traditional as we enter the festive season to reflect on the past year. I’m saddened by the heartbreak so many have experienced during 2020, including the devastating effects of COVID-19 all around the world and the horrific bushfires here in Australia.

Yet my team and I remain committed to providing you with the best network-monitoring software that we possibly can.

Acknowledging that a building is only as strong as its foundation, this year we focused on strengthening our internal infrastructure, including the stability and scalability of AKIPS. To continue to support your business, we’ve expanded our product-development and customer-support teams. As part of our ongoing commitment, we continued to regularly release software updates with bug fixes and new features throughout 2020.

AKIPS is a private company, self funded by the executive team – that’s me, our CTO Nick and our CMO Mark. We have no debt and we operate using our sales income and not investments or credit. We’ve always run AKIPS in an extremely risk-averse manner, so despite the global shockwaves caused by COVID and the recent security breach within the network-monitoring industry, AKIPS is still growing. In fact, since COVID arrived in Australia in March 2020, we’ve grown our team from 16 to 21 people: an increase of 31 per cent.

Our goals for 2021 are to continue to support you – the AKIPS user – through constant refinements and new features. This means we’ll continue to grow our team even further and we’re currently finalising the renovations of a new office adjoining our current premises.

We’ll also continue to constantly expand our support documentation and resources. You can view our most recent training manuals here and our growing library of both training and promotional videos here. We aim to launch our long-awaited new website in the first quarter of 2021.

At the close of this challenging year, I wish you and your families a safe festive season and a happier 2021.

Best regards

PS: We realise that AKIPS’s security is critical as it resides in the centre of your network. Nick explains our commitment to keeping AKIPS secure here.