Intelligent polling

AKIPS has engineered intelligent polling. Adaptive polling monitors every counter/gauge to assess if their values are changing, then dynamically increases the polling interval (to a maximum of 180 seconds) for unchanging MIB objects. When the values change, the interval reverts to 60-second polling.

Tune interface state monitors the operational state of every interface every 60 seconds. It suspends polling of the MIB objects for that interface if it detects that it is down, and resumes polling the MIB objects when it detects that the interface is back up.

These ensure that AKIPS never overwhelms your network with unnecessary SNMP traffic.

  • Reduces SNMP network traffic by 60 per cent
  • Multiple inflight requests eliminates high rtt issues and the need for distributor pollers
  • Purpose-built, tight integration between the poller and databases - no SQL
  • No inefficient threads - instead we use a highly efficient state machine

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