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Miscellaneous settings

This video will step you through how to customise several miscellaneous settings in AKIPS.

Profile groups & user accounts

This video will demonstrate how to configure profile groups, create user accounts and as sign users to a profile.

Unreachable devices

This video will explain the 'Unreachable Devices' report within AKIPS.

User settings

This video will step you through several settings within the User menu.

Customising graphs

This video explains how to further customise the presentation of your graphs by adding commands within the url bar.

Forwarding NetFlow, syslog & SNMP traps

This video explains how AKIPS forwards NetFlow, Syslog and SNMP traps. It outlines the common solution for an issue in the forwarding process and explains why AKIPS doesn't support this solution.

Resetting passwords

This video will step you through resetting your Root, Admin and AKIPS Shell passwords.

Deploying AKIPS on a VM vs hardware

This video details the considerations and specifications for deploying AKIPS in VM vs hardware (bare metal) environments.

Installing AKIPS

This video will step you through the process of downloading and installing AKIPS.

Configuring a new server for AKIPS

This video steps you through how to configure a new server and restore your AKIPS backup, in the event that your production server fails.

Upgrading AKIPS

This video steps you through how to download and install upgrades in AKIPS.

AKIPS simple fixes

This video details how AKIPS provides solutions to common 'pain points' within the network-monitoring industry.

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